Cosmetic Tattoo and Its Benefits

Cosmetic Tattoo and Its Benefits

What is Cosmetic Tattoo and What are it’s Benefits?

While there are some obvious benefits of Cosmetic Tattooing or Permanent Make-up, that being to simply save you time. Cosmetic Tattooing also saves you money and frustration. People with busy schedules, long commutes and numerous commitments can save time out of their daily morning routine. 

Those with overplucked brows where hairs no longer grow back and are now patchy, short, and those with very fair, non-visible brows. With cosmetic tattooing, you never have to worry about your makeup smudging or fading. Permanent Makeup or Cosmetic Tattooing will not come off after swimming, working out or showering.

Cosmetic Tattoo for Medical Reasons

People with physical disabilities or impaired motor skills such as Parkinson’s disease, arthritis, or multiple sclerosis may want permanent makeup because it can be a difficult task for them to apply makeup themselves. With permanent makeup, they can continue to wear makeup without having to worry about whether they have applied it accurately. People with poor eyesight may invest in this procedure for the same reasons, as well as for those people who have allergies with makeup.

What are the most common types of Cosmetic Tattoo?
There are many different kinds of Cosmetic Tattoo or Permanent Makeup. The most popular and most common ones are for eyebrows (microblading, ombre or combination of both), lip blush, or eyeliner.
Cosmetic Tattoo – Colour Corrections
If you’re not happy with the colour of your cosmetic tattoos, or not just happy with the overall result, it is possible to have them corrected. The most important thing to remember is that with any tattoo, the skin needs to be fully healed inside out before anything can be done on it. Once you’re skin has completely healed, you can then consult with a tattoo artist about your options for correction. The artist will be able to assess the existing tattoo and advise you on the best course of action. In some cases, they may be able to simply add new pigment to cover up the old colour. In other cases, they may need to suggest a tattoo removal first before adding new pigments.  Either way, with a little bit of patience and care, you can have your cosmetic tattoos looking exactly the way you want them.
Cosmetic Tattoo Removal 

There are options for tattoo removal such as with a laser or with saline solution done professionally at the clinic. Tattoo removal can effectively eliminate pigments used in cosmetic tattoos. Sometimes people opt for eyebrow tattoo removal because they don’t like the shape, colour or the look of their brows. 

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