Tattoo Removal / Lightening

It’s just as important to put pigments in safely and do a good result as it is to take it out safely.

We, at Aesthetica provide natural lightening or removal of unwanted pigments from previous cosmetic makeup and small conventional tattoos using safe, hypertonic sterile saline solution. Unlike lasers or chemical removal methods, this process does not damage the skin tissue and will not remove the natural skin color.


We use an all-natural removal solution that uses the finest sea salt that removes all contaminants, producing the purest saline in the world. The removal solution will produce the hypertonic reaction causing cells to release the pigment to the epidermis level of the human skin.


You will not find any carcinogens or other harmful products in the formulation of the tattoo removal that we use.


By using our safe and all-natural tattoo removal solution, the goal is to create a superficial controlled scab. A natural healing process that removes or lightens the pigment when the scab falls off.